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About Us

Our founders recognised the negative effect that delays have on traders and clients on every step of their trading journey. Unreasonable spreads, insufficient customer support, and bad deals caused a lot of frustration amongst the clients. They wanted to put a stop on it and change the way of trading. That’s how our journey begun and iDrawTech was created.

Since that time, iDrawTech aims to empower the clients to trade with ease and confidence. Our primary core values are integrity and innovation. In order to accomplish this, we value our clients first and help them to unleash their true potential. Our customer representatives, variety of instruments, market analysis or our other eminent services about the market are here for our customers to have a easy and confident trading journey.

Our Vision

With expert professionals experienced in the sector, a service approach focused on the satisfaction of the customer and its ever-improving technological substructure, our vision is to provide service in the global and national markets as a leading company with regards to the corporate management principals.

Our Mission

Our mission is providing a mediator service in compliance with the world standards while strenghtening and further developing the customer confidence formed in years with devotion and resolution as a group, providing an efficient and qualified service as supporting these services with products those produce added value.