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For your investment goals, there are various products in Forex Market since it has the largest product range and the highest commercial activity in the market.

Investment Tools

Since Forex market has the topmost commercial activity within financial and money markets, investors can carry out transactions with stock certificates catalogued in overseas stock exchange for 24 hours, 5 days a week. Investors also can perform transactions within stock indexes which depend on such stock certificates , cyrptocurrencies and commodities like gold, silver, petrol, natural gas and etc., omitting international money markets.

Examples of the instruments that can trade on the Forex market with the highest currency trading are as follows: currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/TRY, USD/CAD), commodities (gold, silver, petrol, natural gas), indices DAX, FTSE, S&P, Nasdaq) and overseas stock certificates. In summary, the Forex market allows you to trade anywhere in financial markets rather than in one place.

Currency Pairs

Although the currencies of the countries and their values against each other seem to be a simple matter at first, they play an important role in the bilateral relations of the countries. With the Forex market, you can work with currencies around the world. For example, all of us in Europe today, we are closely following developments in the USA and Turkey. Parallel to this, it will be very easy to follow the price changes in the EUR/USD or USD/TRY parities.

Economic developments are to be announced 5 days a week and 24 hours a day, regarding international markets and political developments in countries, that could or will affect the parities. For example; When Trump was elected president in the US elections, there were sharp activities in parities like EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

As it is known, central banks have a strong influence over the currencies of countries. Decisions of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee), ECB (European Central Bank) or CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey), which are announced on a certain date, have a decisive influence on currencies. Large parities represent the highest transaction and liquidity parity in global markets. Examples of these are parities such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD or USD/JPY. As it is known, Euro, which is the currency of Euro Zone, is introduced as the common currency of 28 countries. There is a decisive influence of the unity and solidarity and relations with other countries on the currency.

Although the UK central bank BoE (the Bank of England) has been influential on the parity, the abandonment of the European Union during Brexit offers investors new opportunities every day.

Minor and exotic currencies can be listed in NZD (New Zealand Dollar), AUD (Australian Dollar) or CAD (Canadian Dollar). In general, they interact with gold, silver, copper, oil because the producers of these goods are present in them and at the same time in bilateral transactions via the currency and the central bank. They interact with gold, silver, copper, oil in general because the producers of these goods are present in them and at the same time in bilateral transactions with the currency and the central bank.

With iDrawTech as our professional platform and superior quality support, you can take your place in these big financial markets. You will push the boundaries and you will never be alone in doing so. The daily analyzes made and shared by our team of experts will illuminate your path.

Stock Indexes

Stock markets, which are the building blocks of international markets, are very important in terms of the course of the country’s economy. Thanks to the supreme performance of the iDrawTech platform, you can easily trade in international indices 24 hours a day, 5 days a day. This way you can win by capturing both the upside and downside opportunities, the most important features of the forex market is that it gives direction to financial markets.

Examples of country indexes that can be traded are the US (Dow Jones, S & P, Nasdaq), the UK (FTSE), Germany (DAX), Japan (Nikkei). By trading on both parity and indices, you can earn double earnings and strengthen your trading portfolio by creating protection strategies. For example, suppose that an upcoming ECB (European Central Bank) interest rate decision. We follow the EUR/USD and we can trade with our German index (DAX) expectations. This allows us to strengthen our trading portfolio by keeping track of the parity and by taking positions over an index.

With iDrawTech you will receive instantaneous and daily shared analysis and thanks to our team of expert analysts, you will have information about financial markets and will be fully integrated into the market and you make the best out of your investments.


One of the most important values for the economy of a country is underground treasures and precious metals. This allows you to trade for 24 hours on products that drive world trade and 5 days on Forex. You can increase the diversity of your portfolio by trading on the values created in the market depending on the supply and demand situation of the products that direct the trade. One of the most important features of the commodities is that they are popular for everyday use and this makes it easier to follow. The most popular instruments are gold, silver, petrol and natural gas. In general, it can be seen that goods are common in established portfolios and worldly renowned funds.

The first precious metal is gold. This precious metal, the symbol of wealth and strength, has been preserving the situation on financial markets for centuries. For example; Suppose that the price of gold is 1300 USD per ounce and that our expectation is going to rise. We close our 1-lot purchasing process at 1310 in the direction of our expectation. In such a case, as a result of our position, our profit will be 1000 USD. On the contrary, let’s assume we closed our sales position at 1295 which we have opened at 1300. Apart from this process our profit will be 500 USD. If we go back to the petroleum products, we will see Brent and WTI stand out among the petroleum products. If we open the purchase at $ 50 and close it down to $ 51, we will have $ 1000 or vice versa. If we sell at $ 50 trading and close it at $ 49.25, we will make a profit of $ 750.


With a great development of blockchain technology, cyrptocurrencies have been important trading instruments which offer a high profit oppurtunity. iDrawTech, provides10 most important cyrptocurrencies with leverage up to 5:1 accross all of our trading platforms. These cyrptocurrencies are; Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Iota, EOS, Monero and Cardano.

Cyrptocurrencies not only offer a huge profit oppurtunitiy but also a high risk and loss all money. Leveraged trading and high volatility of the cyrptocurrencies can put your capital at risk. Past profitable performances does not mean that will be same in the future performance. iDrawTech research team do their best to protect investors from huge losses.

With the professional platform and the iDrawTech team, you can trade on the commodity without any interruption and without any restrictions.