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You will be able to get to your account anyplace and anytime through the online exchanging platforms choices given by iDraw Tech Ltd. Take your path to the world’s financial market by utilizing advantages of iDraw Tech Ltd.


MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5, which is the foremost preferred exchange platform within the world, is presently accessible to you beside the advantages of iDraw Tech Ltd! You will feel the distinction of iDraw Tech Ltd in any exchange you make on MetaTrader 5 which is the foremost appropriate platform solution for all speculators whether they are beginners or experts.

Simple to utilize platform by MetaTrader 5 will provide you with the flexibility to trade at home, at work or exterior, anytime you need it, with iDraw Tech Ltd that creates current exchange platforms accessible to investors.

Highlights of MetaTrader
  • The opportunity to perform exchanges on CFDs and currency parities
  • The opportunity to put moment exchange and standing order
  • Quick, solid and extensive graphics
  • Expert consultant technology
  • Multi-order feature
  • The opportunity to form analysis with a wide network of indicators
  • Operation in more than 30 languages

Download MetaTrader 5

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Download free MetaTrader 5 and begin trade presently!

MetaTrader 5 is built on four screens.

The primary screen is the Market Watch. Market Watch is an important area where the investor can see the instruments through which they can perform exchange and organize in line with their own style. Point by point data about investor instruments can be accessed over the relevant screen. The time interim, swap and spread data, when the item is handled can be accessed over market watch screen.

Terminal screen is the one which includes the data about the open account. The investor can get to whole data about open and standing exchanges under the transaction tab. Clients can interfere with positions any time they need within the exchange tab which gives the opportunity to screen profit/loss immediately. Whereas the news tab contains newsfeed almost worldwide markets, the post box tab contains the e-mails sent by the brokerage house to you.

The graphics screen appears the instant price changes of the monetary instrument simply would like to look at. The investor can utilize the relevant segment effectively during analysis. Three diverse sorts of graphics are made accessible to clients in on MetaTrader 5 platform. As with monetary markets in common, candlestick graphics found the opportunity to have an isolated place in Forex market. Expert consultants can be contracted over MetaTrader 5 for software support in association with developing analysis and transaction strategy. Performances of such techniques, made through paid applications, can be measured with ‘back test’ choice.