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Forex (Foreign Exchange) is an innovative financial market containing several products.

What is Forex?

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, is the largest and the most liquid market in the world that allows making investments primarily in currencies, yet it also includes the precious metals like gold and silver; agricultural products including cotton, coffee and cacao; natural gas and petrol; also countries’ indexes and stocks and CFDs.

Although Forex was an over-the-counter market initially applied to transactions between banks, the popularity of the Internet increased the transaction size of the market. In particular, a small investor with access to the Internet, who can integrate with financial markets, has become possible.

There is no single centre for the Forex market. However, in regions where financial markets have developed globally, the trading volume of Forex Market seems high. Some of these centres are New York, London and Tokyo. In particular, the opening of stock exchanges in these financial centres provides an increase in liquidity in the market.

Why Forex?

Forex is an innovative financial market containing several products. Since it is the largest market in the world, manipulative activities on the Forex market are incredibly impossible.

Trading logic is easy to understand. Investors can immediately take the dynamics into the market and start trading.

With the internet access, you can follow any trade and change their positions. To sum up, Forex is a mobile market.

Leverage allows your small investments to reach larger volumes. At this point, you can earn bigger amounts compared to your investment amount in Forex Market.

The trading costs on the Forex market are significantly lower than the financial markets thanks to the high liquidity.

In Forex Market, any instrument can be invested both in rising and falling. In this way, not only the value gains but also the value losses can give you the benefit.

Investors use demo accounts to get themselves into the Forex market and to understand how the market works.